SweetiePedia (A-Z of Sweets)

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  • Clove Rock 200g - Gibb
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  • Coffee Cream 100g - Caledonian Confectionery
      Caledonian Confecionery make the most delicious chocolate creams made in Isle of Arran which is one of the most southerly Scottish islands and sits in the Firth of Clyde between Ayrshire and Kintyre. These ones are delicious coffee flavoured creams. ..
  • Coffee Fudge 200g - HOMEMADE
      Mouth watering fudge that we have been making in Moffat for decades. Everyone loves it we wouldn't dare change the recipe. Only made with the finest ingredients and sooooooooo delicious. This delicious fudge combines strong coffee with the creamy texture of fudge to make a g..
  •   Cola flavoured mega lollies. The bigger the better. Dobson's is the home of the famous Yorkshire Mixture, Joseph Dobson's is a fascinating story of a family owned business which, from humble Victorian origins, has prospered to become one of the largest privately owned confectionery manufac..
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  • Coulters Candy 200g - HOMEMADE
      The old favourite that was originally made in Melrose in the scottich borders. We have since gave it a go. Coulters Candy is a brittle treacle toffee and black in colour. For those old enough you may remember the song that was originally wrote as a advertising jingle for Coulters Candy. ..
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